What’s In A Character

Well as I ended in the last post, the doll isn’t quite complete until her character is revealed and to achieve that she must have a name and a personal story. So the next stage in her development is finding a suitable name and story.

2015-02-18 19:32:34 +00001As I said before, once my dolls have their faces painted on they become alive to me and so the next logical step is getting them to tell me their names – just kidding – sometimes the doll’s look will suggest a name and other times I have to wait until I dress her before I get a feel for what is a suitable name for a particular doll (friend).

The fun part is giving the dolls their own personal story and once their story is revealed, they are finally complete – a fully developed character.

2015-02-18 19:32:42 +00001I thought that as my Character dolls will one day be leaving the nest to go live with other people either here or overseas it would be a neat idea to give them a passport that included some information about their character and their background.

After all, you can’t become friends with someone until you know something about them so it only seemed right that my dolls (friends) share some information about themselves.
I go to a lot of trouble to make sure each doll is created as a unique individual complete with a beautifully designed outfit and endearing personality. After all no two friends are exactly the same and so my doll friends have to be just as unique. I just hope people like them enough to want to add one or more to their own collections.

Down the track I hope to offer doll patterns for people to create their own friends just so they have the pleasure of being able to making up their own names and personalities.

2015-02-18 19:33:30 +00001

Hope to see you soon! ❀

Marieanne xxx


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